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Server Moderator Request Form

Post by Hajt »

If you are the person able to work in a team, adhering to the rules then you are in right place.

Before posting apply you should read the rules for Server Moderator:
  • Server Moderator is obliged to know all commands
  • Command ban is reserved only for cheaters (for rest idiots use temporary ban command)
  • Execute commands when it's necessary, e.g. don't restart game/round when match is played
Application form

Code: Select all

Steam ID:
The experience of playing / moderating(if any):
Work / study / hobbies:
Why exactly your candidacy suitable for the obtaining Server Moderator rights?
Any other information which you consider useful to tell us.
If you want to make an application, you need to create new topic contain your nickname in topic subject - it's important.

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