Complaint Form and Rules

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Complaint Form and Rules

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- Complaint: complaining against a person who did something against the rules (e.g. moderator abuses rights)

- Request: requesting something about the community, game, people (e.g. requesting to become server moderator)

- Suggestion: suggesting a new idea (e.g. creating a 20-0 challenege in our public servers)

- Report: reporting something that happened unrelated to requests/complaints (e.g. server is down, script isn't working, ts3 is down, etc.)

This is the official complaint form for issues in this community. Not using this form may lead either to your complaint being deleted or ignored. Read the instructions below before filling the form.
Complaint Form

[Complaint] Topic Title:

Who is complaining (You and potentially other users):
Against who is the complaint (against one or potentially multiple users):
What is the reason (1-5 words short):
When did that happen:
Where did it happen (forum/server/discord...):

Explain the details (maximum 50 lines including empty ones):

What solution do you demand or what do you expect to be decided (maximum 5 lines):

After the administrator or moderator has seen enough information, he will close the topic and bring a decision as soon as possible.

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