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Free warn

Post by caki »

[Complaint] Topic Title:Free warn

Who is complaining (You and potentially other users):Me
Against who is the complaint (against one or potentially multiple users):Naviks
What is the reason (1-5 words short):Free warn
When did that happen:Today
Where did it happen (forum/server/discord...):Server

Explain the details (maximum 50 lines including empty ones):Okay i wanted to play a mix but no one choosed me then i go to eat and scroled random videos on tiktok later i just gived a look on computer and i see heaven message he asked me i was afk i tokd him yes and started to eat then naviks gived me warn for "refusing sub" I swear to God i eated.

What solution do you demand or what do you expect to be decided (maximum 5 lines):to remove my warn
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Re: Free warn

Post by Heytham »

Logs showed you were chatting with some players. Next time if you will go to eat or do something else better leave the server. It's just frustrating for players to see some stay in spec afk when they need subs.

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