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Project CS2D 2020

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Hello everyone

As few of you may have read in our discord server, I have launched a project called "Project CS2D 2020". The goal is, to bring back more activity in our cs2d community as we had over past years. The 2020 indicates that the main changes will take place in the coming year. Until then, some organisation has to take place. Luckily, Hajt agreed to use as platform.

A first step will be to get a management team that will operate the community. Then, activity should be brought back with regular tournaments. 4 seasonal cups and 1 yearly tournament is the idea so far, all of them will be single player competions. The first tournament should start in early January and the others will follow throughout the year. Towards the end of the year, it is planned to introduce something we knew from previous community activities, by rewarding users for special achievements and contributions. A name for the community has to be found yet. Few other things could be introduced too, depending on the ressources we will have. Ideas and plans can be messed up and limited in some points, while going above expectations in other aspects. Important is to try.

As well known, a community lives from the users that are willing to contribute and share something. One person cannot change much alone. For all the upcoming changes, will rely on people who are eager enough to contribute some spare time and have a certain vision of a working community. There will be people needed to supervise and advise me in certain work. I have never been in charge of leading a community bigger than a clan and have only little experience in hosting tournaments. It is important to have people with certain expertise to support the project. Especially in tournament managing I have some issues, where I will rely on the experience of others.

So for anyone who is interested in being involved in organisational stuff (forum moderating, tournament organisation, supporting stuff, and more), let me know via private message. For the others, the community will rely on your participation and feedback in the build-up process and the daily life of a community. 2020 is coming closer and we have to get down to brass tacks the sooner the better.

Stay informed either on this website or in our discord server and post below any comment you wish to share on this website.

Cheers :)
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Re: Project CS2D 2020

Post by hezhi998 »

Nice change

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