Final Report of the Year 2020 (Part One)

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Final Report of the Year 2020 (Part One)

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What up community!

I write this report to wrap up the whole past year, which is not an easy task, as the amount of events is larger than I ever expected. This is also the reason why I will split the report in multiple parts, possibly two or three and post them over the next few weeks. This here is the first part of the report and is addressed to the people who put the most effort in the community this year.

What all started as a "Project CS2D 2020" has brought us at the point here where we are. Let us not forget about PCS, which basically is the predecessor of our community here. After the downfall of the longest lasting and most successful international CS2D community, we ended up having no platform that linked the players anymore. CS2D.TK was at some point in 2019 a random site where Hajt organised his server hosting and had one or two tournaments going on. The reorganisation has brought much more activity and left a us with a reminiscent of the old days when the servers were full and competition was at peak. This result would never be possible without you guys, who form the bricks of this community. I will address some specific people at first.

The Team

First and foremost I want to express my honest appreciation to the administrators of the community. Both, Hajt and Steru have done a lot of work in the background that made our "success story" possible.

Hajt provided us with the servers and the forums at first and was always the first person to contact for technical issues. Let me also underline the huge importance of the mixteam script which formed a big, if not maybe the biggest, pillar for this community. Before 2019, mixteams were pretty much dead. Now we have over 100 mixteams per month which speaks for the quality of Hajt's work. With his pragmatic way of thinking, he always found the best solutions and I can tell from me experience with Hajt that he's a very unruffled, modest and selfless person who I loved to work with. I had endless chats with him about everything when he was active and I really hope to see Hajt more around in the coming year and to keep in touch with him. We owe him a lot for the work he's done with his dedication and passion for coding and scripting.

The same accounts for Steru who at first I did not know best, because we never had any cooperation before, but I quickly got to know how much passion is left in him for the game and for having a community. He took over parts of the tasks when Hajt went more inactive and is now hosting our servers and maintaining them. We often talked about changes in the servers, such as server moderators, maps, scripts and more. He became the man for the technical stuff. Besides, he advised me quite frequently for tournament settings, an area in which I consider Steru to be an expert, and thus am really thankful for every piece of advise I could get from him. I appreciate our cooperation very much and I hope we can work together more often. Another important task was our fight against cheating, where Steru played a key role in analysing MOSS reports and finding solutions, which in the end was a fruitful task. Besides, Steru is still a very competitive player after all these years and even if he's inactive more than not in-game, his skill is not fading away as one would expect. Apart from that, I also had endless chats with Steru about "god and the life", as we we say here when we talk about everything with someone. It was one of these moments you start to enjoy when working with people together, but these chats shall remain private.

Next I would like to thank SSJ who has provided me with most direct support in my active community building projects. He first started by helping me with the news/media tasks in which I feel he had more success with the interviews than I would ever have, because people answer more honest to someone who is first of all not an admin and second closer to the casual community member. He did a fantastic job in his task but took a step back and asked to become a normal user. However, when he came back a few months later, he took over the tasks of tournament hosting and he successfully started hosting tournaments from the first day. All his tournaments had plenty of players and ended successfully. Hence, I didn't have to think a lot about putting him in the Staff role, where he stayed ever since. He helped us also with some tasks in the background, mainly when we were finding solutions for the cheating problem.

Then I want to address to Milriko aswell, who was in the Staff team very quickly after we started the reorganisation. His main task was to make a 5n5 tournament, a task where I see nobody else capable of doing it under the conditions we are facing now. Multiple reasons made this task even more difficult than it already was and it was decided not to host the ICC. Milriko was also advising me in the Mixteam Championship ranking system. Hell knows how the points would be given if it wasn't for his chat with me, because my first attempts have proven to be very primitive and useless. Milriko also worked a lot with the same weight of Steru during the time we struggled with cheaters which was a good cooperation between them as I believe. His other tasks were keeping active the community's facebook site back then. He also knew how to mobilise players in the game in a fashion we only may see from contra in his good days! That played an important role early in the year when we kicked off the Mixteam Championship 2020. His expertise in every angle of the game is something that always fascinated me and I always pay close attention to his suggestions. If he had had more time to be active, certain things in the community could have taken other directions, that I am sure of.

I also do not forget szoks, who was one of the few guys early on to volunteer in supporting me with the tournaments. I can only repeat at this place the same I wrote about SSJ, that all his tournaments were successful. Also, szoks, even if inactive in general in-game, always shows up for his games in tournaments and is a big role-model from that point of view. He doesn't seem to lose in skills much, the same experience I see with Steru's inactivity. Maybe this game is like riding bicycle for Polish players. Once you learn it, you don't forget it. Besides, a very pleasent guy to talk with. Szoks is always honest in what he says and I appreciate his suggestions a lot.

Special thanks also to Adam Sniper who is in charge of our TS3 administration team. Basically he knows how to handle the teamspeak 3 settings and user rights and permissions. Activity might not be great in the TS3 Server, but that is in my eyes due to the attractive features of discord, but we will keep offering the community a TS3 server where you can always find some new and old guys around.

Recently, BLACKE4GLE, Chrome and Contra joined our Support team and their work remains to be seen yet, however, with Chrome we have already a new feature introduced this year for the community, streaming matches. We didn't have this one for long and I think it plays quite an important role for promoting our tournaments and matches. BLACKE4GLE and Contra have ever since been active in mixteams and organising many of them which helped the community already and they will now join our tournament organisation team. To wrap it up, I am thankful to get your guys' help in whatever form it may come. Good will is what counts and that is why you are addressed with special tasks for the community. All of the work counts and I can approve that all of you do the work far above my imaginations and expectations.

Forum Moderator
I also am thankful to SmD who accepted to be the Forum Moderator. I see nobody better than him for this position. His inactivity in-game does not work against him. He can stay more neutral that way and is the guy who's advice I usually take with serious consideration. He offered to do more tasks, especially creating an overlay for streaming, working on a new logo and signatures in the forum. To some parts it was my preservation that created barriers to his creativity, but I am sure that he won't take it for bad from my side! I also want to note that the discord server we have is well moderated and super active. There may not be much need for moderation either in the forum or the discord, but when there is, SmD does his task perfetly well. He's someone I really enjoy working with together, because he is not the usual kind of player you meet in a game like CS2D.

Server Moderators
During all the months, we quite frequently updated the server moderators. After all, I think we have a solid team now and some old members could even be put in charge again if they decide to be active again. From my side, seeing all the mixteams and tournaments being played, I can give a big thumb up for all the server moderators and thank them for doing their task the right way.

Community Members
Eventually, I want to give a big thanks to all of you who are part of our community. All the tournaments, matches, activities, pleasures, good and bad moments would never have happened without you and I hope that we can maintain the activity the way it was this year and who knows, maybe even attract other people to join our community. I am sure that many of this is possible, but it is upon us to spread the word with good spirit and I am confident that there is enough good spirit left in our community members.

Big thanks to all of you!
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Re: Final Report of the Year 2020 (Part One)

Post by Szymon »

too long to read, when u resign?
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Re: Final Report of the Year 2020 (Part One)

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give saint to a king's crown
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Re: Final Report of the Year 2020 (Part One)

Post by raver »

Der Sainz, posts an article to remember the one and only CoSmo.

He was the last guy who wrote 500 more lines than actually needed.

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