Anonymous Interviews #2 The Mixteam Championship

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Anonymous Interviews #2 The Mixteam Championship

Post by Heytham »

Hello everyone! We're having our second round of the anonymous mixteams today. Today's interviews are about the Mixteam Championship 2020. Two and a half months have been played so far and there were quite some interesting things to see and the organiser is considering some rule changes. We wanted to know from our players, what they think about the Mixteam Championship. Here are their answers!

Anonymous #1
I think the mixteams are great way to keep the game alive. Im a big fan of mixteams , but its getting a bit
boring nowadays. We have the same system for a while, same maps , same players. I'd like to keep playing the game, but sadly other than mixes we cant play anything else and even the mixteams are getting ruined by toxic players who are complaining/spamming nonstop and in the middle of the mix leaves the server with either no replacement at all or a newbie who will destroy the balance of the mixteams. The other problem is that a lot of newcomers dont have a chance to improve or to show their ability in the mixteams. When i was a newbie (1-2 years ago) i always played small 2v2 3v3 matches with my mates, but recently the newcomers show up to 5v5 mixes and they are surprised that they arent getting picked and they end up playing another game and never openining this game again wich is a big problem.
The solution could be the weekend-league idea by Wento. I think its great , because people are getting bored
with playing just mixes every single day. Its a little bit different for old players, new players have a chance
to improve in this game , because other than playing with bots on public servers they cant really play much
or showing their talent by beating other competitive players.

Anonymous #2
The idea is really interesting but I would have worked it out a bit more. You need to think about scoring a little. I also gave Hajt an interesting idea of ​​rewarding players for the first three places from a month earlier. For the first place - golden skin Second place - Silver skin For the third place - Brown skin Skin visible on knife mode, warmup mode and votecpt mode. You also need to think about the number of admin servers, there are too many and there is chaos. I consider the mixteam championships to be one step ahead and a plus for that!

Anonymous #3
Well, the amount of matches have decreased and our community went downhill. Hopefully we'll recover and play more mixes like we did a few months ago.
Saint and Hajt and the rest of the staff team are still working hard for us. We just have to show them more activity and involvement and that will surely motivate them a lot.
We should stop acting immature and make this community better day by day, toxicity should finally disappear.
Let's forget the past and come with something stronger in the future.
We should make a new record regarding amount of mixes - Let's go CS2D.TK!.

Anonymous #4
Well, to be honest i don't like playing mixteams nowadays, players don't even know standard positions some players sit in vents and camp with m3s, others change positions every fu*king round and that really tilts and bores me. That's why i play one single or some rounds then I ask for a sub
However, I really like current system, and how players are ranked based on many categories, keep it up tho. But if you make some special events, it would motivate players so that makes them perform better

Anonymous #5
As far as mixes itself go im enjoying them, i enjoy the leaderboard something to compete for altho i do not like people taking it too competitive wich results in flaming other less skilled players and leaving the matches whenever they feel like becouse they feel their team isnt playing well,but that doesnt stop me enjoying them since i lost interest in other games this keeps me fueld up :D

That's it for today's edition of our Anonymous Interviews. Do you agree to the reactions and how good are mixteams nowadays? Are you even able to guess who was interviewed? Give it a try in the comments below!

This interview was carried out by SSJ
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Re: Anonymous Interviews #2

Post by Saint »

Hmm, great interviews to start with! Cool answers, you see there is different people behind them but I can't guess who was who. I have a strong feeling that #4 is raver! xD
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Re: Anonymous Interviews #2

Post by Wento »

Good job

#1 Skrillex ,hes a newcomer supporting newcomers
#2 St0rm?
#3 ssj made up by himself
#4 100% raver, i would bet my house on that
#5 NBR

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