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Quattro's Ranked Server

Post by Hajt »

As you might notice Quattro's Ranked Server is hosted now on our virtual machine. The main reason was that his previous hoster had problems with server stability and we were not able to play there due to DDoS attacks. The server name is under CS2D.tk domain but list of bans and admins is managed by him, so you have to talk with him if you want to get unban or permissions.

Also if you want to report any bugs from the server, you should contact Quattro#4877 over Discord.
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Re: Quattro's Ranked Server

Post by Quattro »

Incoming update:

Code: Select all

+ means done
-- means to be done
+after game, if sub joins and leaver is present, end screen shows leaver name...
+!break shows that it is !sub card
+!admin does not find usgn?!
+add penalties for leavers and save their win/loss
+Match cancelled too many players left - only 1 left?! (instead of leavers it will count match size)
--add clan list and clan war mode (if 5v5 available from 2 clans, start clan war)
--fix slow stats update with curl (update only when last player leaves or !map command is used)
--knifer leave doesnt remove memory
--restrict change map during knf
--freeTimers() when manually resuming match
--fix choosing opposing team's players
--cancel match if someone leaves after being chosen(ban for 5 minutes)
--add timer for each choose (teamB cpt has x seconds left to choose)
--make knife round more suitabe for many players on sv (add rank based mix when enough players want to join) knf mode only for high ranks or admin. (make other sv for < 5v5, redirect with !mix)
--fix nan was chosen but he is not ready to play bug (condition for msg if player exists)
--add !kick command, starts voting (if E and team mate, if >= count team = kick)
--add !mute command (or find a way to sync with default mute)
+wrong id when rejoining the match
+ace report when he didnt kill all 5 ?! (guess it's because temp ace were updated in saveStats(), moved to clearTempDamage to be executed each round)
If you got interface\gameplay ideas, post them here. Good ideas will be added

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