Annual Report 2019

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Annual Report 2019

Post by Saint »

Hello community

The year is coming to an end and it is time to sum up the last few months with the new organisation in this forum.

Special Gratitude

First of all we call for a big shoutout to Hajt who allowed the changes to happen on his domain Beside, he has been working on a mixteam format that will allow us to collect data from the mixteams and publish them with a nice overview that allows us to compare players. It has definitively attracted people to play more mixteams and it seems to be very popular among the community. From that point of view it is the biggest achievement of the year and we thank Hajt for the contribution that he made, allowing us a better gameplay and more activity in the community. Also, make sure to check out our TS3 Server which could be a little bit more active too (

Next we thank SSJ for helping us with the media tasks by publishing an interview article that caught quite some attraction from the playerbase in this community. We regret SSJ leaving our team but are thankful for what he did and hope to see him around here again.

The last gratitude we want to share with namely SmD but also the Server Moderators who are helping us with their contribution. SmD as Forum Moderator did not have many stuff to do, but we are glad to have an experienced guy like him in that position who enjoys quite some reputation among the community. The Server Moderators are active as whole and allow frequent mixteams to happen without much waiting time. Waiting usually happens due to lack of enough players, but that should change in future.

Agenda for 2019 and 2020

Next, we would like to write about what he have achieved so far and what the plan for the next years are.

To begin with, we were partly able to establish a plan for competitive gaming and so far one tournament has successfuly started and is currently proceeding faster than expected. Even with the w/os, the tournaments seems to be legit and the few active players do not face any inconveniences or difficulties which is a good sign that we can continue that way in the future. Apart from the SSC, we want to introduce team cups in the next year, most likely a 2on2 cup and if there is enough activity during the middle of the year we can try to make a competition for clans or larger groups (4on4s). In march we will continue with the second SSC for 2020. So far, we wish all participants of the currents SSC 2020 - Winter good luck until the finals!

Next to the mixteams that are working well, we have also been hosting public servers. Sadly, they do not attract enough players yet and I would like to recall the community that we would appreciate if you play in our public servers and to give us suggestions about what changes you would prefer to have more players in the servers.

The mixteams and competitive tournaments should lead to nominating players for awards at the end of 2020 for their achievements and results during the year.

Then we would like to point out that we did little changes in the organisation of the forum, in the appearance of the forum and we managed to get more and more registrations and activity from older players of our community.

What is important for the next year for us, is to solve the question about the relation between the former organisation PCS and the current organisation on It is clear that both organisations live/d from the same playerbase and we have to find a decision on wether is continuing what PCS did or is something completely new and how the relations between these organisations are. It is a task to be done during the next year.

Eventually, we would like to thank all players and supporters for being around on our forum. We have received various feedback during our restructuring process and some of it has been very positive which motivated us to work more on our idea. I want to thank everyone for posting in the forum, visiting the forum or playing in-game with us. It is very important that various exchange happens and I do hope that some people will be less reluctant and take more actively part of the community by posting stuff in the forum. We really need some comments in our topics and some discussions, opinions or other staff that you could share to bring some life in our community. Even a "nice post" "+1" or something similar can help as well as other criticism.

Looking for Staff and Support

We would like to mention at this point that our organisation relies on a very thin group of administrators, moderators, staff and supporters. It would be good if we could have some volunteers who would be ready to support us in media or tournament organisation. Especially for tournament organisation, the most you would need to do is to copy/paste rules and open/close topics of matches which would allow us to lead multiple tournaments at the same time if we have more staff for that job. Please text us via PM if you feel you're done for any of these or other positions where you could contribute something to the community.

!!! Happy New Year !!!

At this point, we wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year and are looking forward to seeing you in the next year with more enthousiasm, energy and activity! If you have any wishes for us, the community or any particular player, please let us know in the comments below! 8-)
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Re: Annual Report 2019

Post by raver »

One wish for this christmas: a mix at the 24th at around 21 o clock so i can escape my family celebrations.

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